Living with “Ito” and “Rin”

The name ITRIM has been coined from the words “Ito,”
which is an archaic Japanese term meaning “very” or “extremely,”
and “Rin,” which means “dignified” in the context of inner beauty.
To such an essential beauty.

New modern-day insights into traditional wisdom

Cosmetics that value results.
With this vision, ITRIM has succeeded in utilizing the wisdom cultivated by the human race throughout the long course of its history.

We combined this traditional wisdom with useful plants that are accessible and have been used by people, enabling us to develop products that are well-matched to the modern age.
The formulation of ITRIM products was developed for skin care treatments that make the best possible use of the many functions attributed to natural ingredients.
It reflects the most up-to-date knowledge of beauty care involving the use of traditionally useful plants that have proven their efficacy throughout the world.

ITRIM, a luxury aging care brand.
ITRIM’s “pro-aging” means to age gracefully and maximize the beauty of each person to the fullest with a supple mind.
To a dignified and shining beauty.

*Skin care for each person’s age

Product Concept

Organic EnergyITRIM’s Emphasis

Insisting on using plants that are “grown in soil,” we preferentially select useful plants grown according to traditional farming methods.
Parts of plants to use
To utilize the parts of plants for different purposes, we paid attention to the fact that each part (e.g. the flower, leaf, root, stem, seed and fruit) contains different components.
Seeing the usability in them, we are upcycling unutilized parts of natural materials in our original cosmetic ingredients.
Extraction methods
Compounds are extracted carefully and attentively using the most suitable method for each raw material and part of the plant, so that their benefits are fully retained.
Our inimitable formulas are created with combinations of natural ingredients, using our unique methods and original blending ratios.
Textures and Aromas
ITRIM considers that pleasant textures and aromas are the important elements of skincare. Oil’s fluidity, the ability of lotions to diffuse and penetrate with a fresh sensation – taking advantage of the characteristics of the dosage form, the texture of each product is designed to fully bring out the functionality and benefits of the ingredients.
Naturally derived aromas and colors are selected to awaken your senses.
Incorporate our unique treatment methods into your skincare routine to upgrade it in terms of effectiveness as well as comfort.

Concept IngredientsITRIM Concept Ingredients

Melissa officinalis leaf oil

From an aromatic plant also known as lemon balm. Its sweet lemon floral fragrance refreshes and lightens the soul. The essential oil extracted from its blossoms, leaves, and stems is rare and expensive even in small quantities. It contains citral*, its main ingredient that can only be found in certain plants.

* An aromatic ingredient of essential oils

Loquat leaf extract

An extract obtained from loquat leaves cultivated in Nagasaki, which is famous for its Mogi loquats.An ingredient that has been used since ancient times to make tea for good health. It contains aromatic terpenoids and tannins, which are known for their astringent, moisturizing, and many other properties.

Yubari melon seed oil (Melon seed oil)

A cold-pressed vegetable oil extracted from the seeds that are discarded during the processing of Hokkaido’s famous Yubari melons. It contains linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and other such skin care ingredients to maintain a good balance between skin moisture and oil.

Cascade ApproachITRIM’s Original Skin Care Theory

Capable of detecting external signals, the skin is the organ that protects us the most from external damage. Since natural ingredients such as plants are made up of many different components, they also have outstanding multi-functional features.
ITRIM created its cascade-approach theory for the skin from these unique viewpoints.



< Starting Point >

Awakening the sensibilities to release the sense of touch

The rounded containers, the texture, and the fragrance all appeal to the senses of sight, touch, and smell, promoting mental and physical relaxation and preparing the user for better skincare.



< Reception and Delivery >

Delivering multi-functional ingredients to different areas of the skin

A variety of ingredients with different effects promote smoother reception and transfer, ensuring that they reach the skin. They increase communication within the skin, kindling its ability to become more beautiful.



< Functioning >

Working on the skin and enhancing the potential for beauty

The actions of useful multifunctional botanical ingredients on the skin are interconnected like a spider’s web, enhancing the user’s beauty potential.

Product Lineup