ITRIM Elementary

Hair Conditioner N 200g

JPY 8,000 (w/o tax)

Rinse-out treatment that works on the scalp and hair.

A silicone-free conditioner to nourish scalp and hair.
It prevents hair problems such as waviness and dry scalp, leaving the hair shiny, resilient and bouncy.
By vitalizing the scalp where hair health is determined, this conditioner is as efficient as a hair serum.


  • Squeeze out any excess water from the hair after shampooing.

1 Starting from the hairline, apply an adequate amount into the hair and scalp, then rub towards the tips of the hair. Leave for three to five minutes.

2 Distribute the conditioner throughout in the shower, then rinse off.

Natural Ingredients: 94%

< Key Ingredients >
Cedar wood oil (atlas cedar bark oil)
Bitter orange peel extract
Fermented barley extract

< Support Ingredient >
Burdock root extract

< ITRIM Concept Ingredients >
Melissa leaf oil
Melon seed oil
Loquat leaf extract [oil-soluble extract]