ITRIM Elementary

Shampoo N 250mL

JPY 10,000 (w/o tax)

The hair itself is made resilient and beautiful.

This silicone-free shampoo has been created with consideration for mature hair in order to promote a healthy scalp.
Cleansing with fine, rich lather, this shampoo leaves the hair silky and smooth.
Repairing damage caused by coloring and perms, this shampoo makes the hair resilient, bouncy and shiny.


1 Thoroughly wet the hair, apply an adequate amount of shampoo and massage from the hairline to the crown, as if to tone up the scalp.
Then shampoo thoroughly from the nape to the back of the head, and from the back of the ears to the sides of the head.

2 Rinse thoroughly.

Natural Ingredients: 93%

< Key Ingredients >
Cedar wood oil (atlas cedar bark oil)
Bitter orange peel extract
Fermented barley extract

< Support Ingredient >
Burdock root extract

< ITRIM Concept Ingredients >
Melissa leaf oil
Melon seed oil
Loquat leaf extract [oil-soluble extract]