ITRIM Elementary

Scalp & Hair Cleanser N 150mL

JPY 8,000 (w/o tax)

Hair concerns in mature women begin with the scalp.

Approaching through the scalp, this hair cleanser works to address hair concerns in mature women such as waviness and lack of gloss and volume.
The fine whipped foam quickly penetrates into the scalp to remove dirt from the pores, thoroughly cleansing it away.
Cleansing and vitalizing the scalp, it brings healthy hair that bounces from the roots.


Amount to be Used:Three to four pushes
Use on dry hair before shampooing.

1.Take an adequate amount of cleanser on your palm, apply it around the hairline as if to shape a headband.

2.Starting from the hairline, massage the scalp toward the crown rubbing the foam into it, then leave it for a few minutes.

3.Rinse thoroughly and follow with the shampoo.

Natural Ingredients: 98%

< Key Ingredients >
Cedar wood oil (atlas cedar bark oil)
Bitter orange peel extract
Fermented barley extract

< Support Ingredient >
Burdock root extract

< ITRIM Concept Ingredients >
Melissa leaf oil
Melon seed oil
Loquat leaf extract [oil-soluble extract]