ITRIM Elementary

Body Treatment Oil 38mL

JPY 15,000 (w/o tax)

A body oil that helps shape a supple, beautiful body.

A body oil developed to address internal and external changes due to aging.
It contains oil-soluble extracts obtained from white mustard shoot and Brazilian pepper seed. The orange tint comes from the natural color of sea buckthorn extract.
By taking care of the skin using this oil, the mind is uplifted, the skin energized and the body toned.
It is also a good idea to take this along wherever you go as a first-aid oil to treat swelling of the legs or to alleviate fatigue.


Amount to be Used:About two drops for each part of the body
Use on clean skin after bathing.

1 Take an adequate amount and warm it between the palms, then take a deep breath covering the nose with the hands.

2 Apply circularly on back of the knees, armpits, the inside of the elbows and lower back.

3 Putting the hands on the lower back, apply by gently sliding the hands up and down.

4 When using the oil on the whole body, apply in the order indicated below.
4-1 Right toe – groin area
4-2 Left toe – groin area
4-3 Hips
4-4 Waist
4-5 Breast
4-6 Neck – shoulder – base of the arm – fingertip
4-7 Neck
4-8 Decollete area

5 After massaging from the neck to the decollete area, place both hands under the collarbone and press them against the chest as if to open it up, then exhale deeply and stay still.

Natural ingredients: 100%

< Key Ingredients >
White mustard shoot extract
Brazilian pepper seed extract
Sage leaf extract
Oil-soluble coix seed extract
(Hatomugi seed extract)

< Support Ingredients >
Cypress Oil (Italian cypress leaf / fruit / stem oil)
Calendula extract (calendula flower extract)
Hibiscus seed oi

< ITRIM Concept Ingredients >
Melissa leaf oil
Melon seed oil
Loquat leaf extract [oil-soluble extract]