ITRIM Elementary

Body Emulsion N 150mL

JPY 10,000 (w/o tax)

Enrich the skin with moisture and elasticity with Body Emulsion

This emulsion for the body deeply hydrates the skin with moisture that quietly wells up from within.
Gliding smoothly onto the skin, the emulsion smooths and tightens, leaving skin looking toned and refreshed. It is also great for moisturizing the elbows and knees where signs of aging tend to show.
This body emulsion helps to create a beautiful figure suffused with a sense of happiness.


  • Apply an adequate amount to the body using a downward motion, then slowly massage it in to let it penetrate.
  • When applying to the breast area, stomach and hips, rub it in extra gently.
  • When applying to the arms, start from the shoulders and go down to the back of the hands. For the inside of the arm, start from the wrist and go up to the armpits.
  • When applying to the legs, smooth it over from the toes toward the groin area, then massage it well into the skin to let it penetrate.

Natural ingredients: 97%

< Key Ingredients >
Cypress Oil (Italian cypress leaf / fruit / stem oil)
Whey (lactic acid bacillus / lactic acid fermented liquid)
Comfrey leaf extract

< Support Ingredient >
Calendula extract

< ITRIM Concept Ingredients >
Melissa leaf oil
Melon seed oil
Loquat leaf extract [oil-soluble extract]