Product ConceptProduct Concept

ITRIM’s Skin Care Theory Cascade Approach for Creating Beauty

Capable of detecting external signals, the skin is the organ that protects us the most from external damage.
Since natural ingredients such as plants are made up of many different components, they also have outstanding
multi-functional features.
ITRIM created its cascade-approach theory for the skin from these unique viewpoints.

1Touching< Starting Point >

Awakening the sensibilitie
to release
the sense of touch

2Switching< Reception and Delivery >

Delivering multi-functional
ingredients to different
areas of the skin

3Remodeling< Functioning >

Working on the skin
and enhancing
the potential for beauty

ITRIM’s Emphasis

ITRIM is a lineup of cosmetic products that embody traditionally useful plants
and natural ingredients that have been used since ancient times.

The products focus on the different active ingredients contained in blossoms, leaves,
roots, stems, seeds, fruit, and other parts of plants that can be used for specific applications.
The ingredients are painstakingly and very carefully extracted using the optimal methods
to ensure that they lose none of their useful attributes.

We also seek out new organic materials and actively use plants that are known for
their outstanding capabilities but are difficult to obtain.

Our meticulously formulated products are created with emphasis on
each and every ingredient and process.

ITRIM Concept Ingredients

The ITRIM Elementary Series contains common ingredients.

Melissa officinalis leaf oil

From an aromatic plant also known as lemon balm. Its sweet lemon floral fragrance refreshes and lightens the soul.
The essential oil extracted from its blossoms, leaves, and stems is rare and expensive even in small quantities. It contains citral*, its main ingredient that can only be found in certain plants.

*An aromatic ingredient of essential oils

Melon seed oil

A cold-pressed vegetable oil extracted from the seeds that are discarded during the processing of Hokkaido’s famous Yubari melons. It contains linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and other such skin care ingredients to maintain a good balance between skin moisture and oil.

*An ingredient in all products except Elementary Skin Lotion

Loquat leaf extract

An extract obtained from loquat leaves cultivated in Nagasaki, which is famous for its Mogi loquats. An ingredient that has been used since ancient times to make tea for good health. It contains aromatic terpenoids and tannins, which are known for their astringent, moisturizing, and many other properties.