Our Brand Name
to live “ITO-RIM”.

In ancient Japanese the word “ITO” was used to express an extraordinary state
such as “very” or “extremely”,and “RIN-TO” expressed a decisive attitude.
The brand name ITRIM [ITO-RIM (RIN-TO)] was born from the combination of these two words.
Beauty is the glow that one radiates from within.

A woman full of love, intelligence and dignity,
searching for rich human nature,
cherishing her life, and living with grace and dignity.
This is the essentially beautiful, mature woman that ITRIM pictures.

We want to present further dignity to women who embrace their essential beauty.
The name ITRIM expresses our wish.

Brand Philosophy
We Present,
“The Dress of Life”.

The skin wraps “Life” itself.
Our awareness of this was the start of ITRIM as a skin care brand.

Your skin, which wraps your whole body
and makes direct contact with the external world,
is the largest organ, responsible for preserving your health.
It is “The Dress of Life” that shows your physical condition and lifestyle,
and sometimes even your aesthetic senses.

Therefore, ITRIM deeply contemplates the suitable “Dress of Life” for mature women.

Obviously fine and comfortable to wear, as if tailored by a skilled craftsman,
delicate in its details, but durable.
A beautiful dress that gives class to the woman wearing it.

This type of “Supreme Dress” is what ITRIM will now present to mature women.

Brand Concept
No Frills, Yet Beautiful
“Authentic Beauty”

ITRIM believes that only when richness not found in its youth is embraced
can a woman’s beauty becomes authentic.

The skin and facial expressions are direct reflections of this.
Bare skin that reflects dignity, intelligence and affection.
ITRIM aims the “authentic beauty” that arises from life itself.

Effective plants that have been handed down by our wise ancestors
and plants with fragrances that act on our sensory organs and effect our aesthetic senses.

The crystals of these carefully selected organic materials from all over the world,
richly fulfill your skin and your emotions.
Your passion for beauty will be awakened.

Lively vitality is guided and exposed day by day.
No frills, yet Beautiful
“Authentic Beauty” now begins.