Living with 'Ito' and 'Rin' Living with 'Ito' and 'Rin'

Living with “Ito” and “Rin”

The name ITRIM has been coined from the words
“Ito,” which is an archaic Japanese term meaning “very” or “extremely,”
and “Rin,” which means “dignified” in the context of inner beauty.

Overflowing with love, intelligence and character,
and living with grace and dignity while appreciating the many things life has to offer.
Taking dignified beauty to a higher level
for women imbued with the essence of beauty.

New modern-day insights into traditional wisdom

Cosmetics that value results.

With this vision, ITRIM has succeeded in utilizing
the wisdom cultivated by the human race throughout the long course of its history.
We combined this traditional wisdom with useful plants that are accessible
and have been used by people, enabling us to develop products
that are well-matched to the modern age.

The formulation of ITRIM products was developed for skin care treatments
that make the best possible use of the many functions attributed to natural ingredients.
It reflects the most up-to-date knowledge of beauty care involving the use of
traditionally useful plants that have proven their efficacy throughout the world.

ITRIM: A premium brand for anti-aging skin care*
Providing all women with dignified and radiant beauty.
*Skin care for each person’s age