About We Present,
“The Dress of Life”.


The skin wraps “Life” itself.
Our awareness of this was the start of ITRIM as a skin care brand.

Your skin, which wraps your whole body and makes direct contact with the external world, is the largest organ, responsible for preserving your health.
It is “The Dress of Life” that shows your physical condition and lifestyle, and sometimes even your aesthetic senses.

Therefore, ITRIM deeply contemplates the suitable “Dress of Life” for mature women.
Obviously fine and comfortable to wear, as if tailored by a skilled craftsman, delicate in its details, but durable.
A beautiful dress that gives class to the woman wearing it.

This type of “Supreme Dress” is what ITRIM will now present to mature women.

Product “Authentic Beauty”
from Complexion

ITRIM Elementary Line

ITRIM Elementary line

The skin in our eyes is an overlapping of three layers.
What determines its appearance is

the amount of melanin in the skin, the blood, and the state of the subcutaneous tissue.
ITRIM focuses on these most basic elements

that influence beautiful skin impression.
We have created the Elementary Line, which approaches every corner
of the stratum corneum with the carefully selected organic plants and essential oils.
Elementary can change beauty expression dramatically.
With such confidence, we announce the launch of our first “Authentic Beauty” line.