ITRIM Premium Organic Skincare September 2018 LaunchITRIM Premium Organic Skincare September 2018 Launch

For Beautiful Skin with No Frills “Authentic Beauty” Begins Now.For Beautiful Skin with No Frills “Authentic Beauty” Begins Now.

The Dress of LifeThe Dress of Life

* “Life” expresses human beings and women.

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The Dress of Life ITRIM September 2018 LaunchThe Dress of Life ITRIM September 2018 Launch

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The Skin Wraps “Life” Itself.

Yes, your skin wraps your whole body
and protects the precious workings of life from the external world.
It is very much “The Dress of Life”.

For this reason, we aimed to tailor the supreme dress.
ITRIM was born from this desire.

Materials were selected from effective plants
that have been handed down by our wise ancestors,
and plants with fragrances that act to our senses.

The crystals of these carefully selected organic materials
richly fulfill your skin, and your emotions.
Your passion for beauty will be awakened.

Wear your “Dress of Life”.
The supple expression of the dress is full of dignity,
and beautiful down to its slightest details.
Just like a dress, so perfect that it needs no decoration.

No frills, “Authentic Beauty”
September 2018 launch
ITRIM will make its debut with our Elementary Line
Face Care, Body Care, and Hair Care.

* “Life” expresses human beings and women.

Our Brand Name

ITRIM is to live “ITO-RIM”.

In ancient Japanese the word “ITO” was used to express an extraordinary state such as “very” or “extremely”, and “RIN-TO” expressed a decisive attitude. The brand name ITRIM [ITO-RIM (RIN-TO)] was born from the combination of these two words.

Its dignity arouses from its nobleness and grace filled with rich human nature. The name expresses our wish to be a dignified brand for mature women who embrace their essential beauty.


“Authentic Beauty”
from Complexion.

ITRIM Elementary Line
September 2018 launch

The skin in our eyes is an overlapping of three layers.
What determines its appearance is
the amount of melanin in the skin, the blood, and the state of the subcutaneous tissue.

ITRIM focuses on these most basic elements
that influence beautiful skin impression.
We have created the Elementary Line, which approaches every corner
of the stratum corneum with the carefully selected organic plants and essential oils.

Elementary can change beauty expression dramatically.
With such confidence, we announce the launch of our first “Authentic Beauty” line.

Face care

Breathing the Life of Plants, Arousing Liveliness.
Fulfilled with Clear Brightness,
Light Reflecting Smooth Skin.

  • Point Makeup Remover75mL, JPY8,000
  • Face Cleansing Cream <makeup remover>110g, JPY12,000
  • Face Soap <framed soap>Standard Weight 80g, JPY10,000
  • Skin Lotion125mL, JPY18,000
  • Skin Emulsion75mL, JPY20,000
  • Skin Cream35g, JPY38,000
  • Organic Cotton60pieces, JPY1,000

Body care

Arousing Aroma, Fulfilling Happiness and Passion.
Polish Your Body for Supple and Frim Skin.

  • Body Soap200mL, JPY8,000
  • Body Emulsion150mL, JPY10,000

Hair care

The Scalp Awakens and Rises.
Deepens Color for Smooth and Firm Beautiful Hair.

  • Scalp & Hair Cleanser150mL, JPY8,000
  • Shampoo (non-silicone)250mL, JPY10,000
  • Hair Conditioner (non-silicone)200g, JPY8,000

* All prices are not including tax.