Living with "Ito" and "Rin"

The name ITRIM has been coined from the words
"Ito," which is an archaic Japanese term meaning "very" or "extremely,”
and "Rin," which means "dignified" in the context of inner beauty.

Overflowing with love, intelligence and character,
and living with grace and dignity while appreciating the many things life has to offer.
Taking dignified beauty to a higher level
for women imbued with the essence of beauty.


ITRIM: A premium beauty brand for anti-aging skin care

The entire skin is connected to the face, the body, and the hair.
ITRIM believes that beautiful skin can be achieved by maintaining the healthy state of all of these elements.

The Elementary lineup represents the fundamentals of daily care.
In order to maintain the healthy state of the skin, the lineup has been divided into
the three categories of face care, body care, and hair care, in alignment with the structures of the face, body, and hair.
Taking great care of the entire body offers beauty through to the dignified core that lies within.

Skin care for each person’s age